MATILDA Cast Has First Work Day

This Week’s Author
Jazlynn Cates

This week’s MATILDA updates is written by senior Jazlynn Cates. Jazlynn is an ITS Member and is portraying the role of Mrs. Phelps in this season’s production of ROALD DAHL’S MATILDA THE MUSICAL.

Week 2 of Matilda rehearsals was full of fun and laughter as we brought in a larger group, Matildas classmates. A combination of the big kids, scary kids, and the little kids that learn with Matilda all spent the week getting into character and most importantly- learning to fear the evil Agatha Trunchbull, played by Caleb Sellers. Sellers takes on a difficult role of playing the gym teacher that all students fear. In the Broadway version of Matilda, Trunchbull is a man playing a woman character, which was hard for some to grasp at first but has always led to an amazing performance and outstanding character development. 

This past weekend GSTD made up for lost time, due to last weekend’s rained out work day there was tons of work to be done. Parents, students, and siblings gathered in the auditorium to begin set and costume design. Painting, cutting, building, moving, sewing, and so much more was able to get done this past weekend thanks to the help of our awesome community. What started as a pile of styrofoam and lumber turned into blocks, desks, and book cases. Being able to create a show from the ground up really makes it special, and anyone here at GSTD can agree! We were also able to have our accent workshop, where Kathy Parks, founder of the department, helped everyone reach their inner British. The costume department also worked to get all of the classmates in uniform and the Russians ready for confrontation. Earlier in the week Loni Prater, our choreographer, began working with dancers. With all the help of adults and parents this week, we were able to push forward and continue to make a magical show. 

As we continue on, the department is looking for anyone willing to donate Razor style scooters and cases of water. Thanks again to all who helped, and we hope to see you again next week!

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