International Thespian Society, Troupe #5623

Thespian membership is granted for the demonstration of commitment to excellence in theatre arts that meet the International Thespian Society general guidelines. Specifically, students become members by earning points for their work. One point represents approximately ten hours of excellent work, with ten points required for membership.


2022-2023 Senior Officers

Jake Decker, President
Brooklyn Casburn, Vice-President
Kaleigh Baehl, Secretary
Raigan Brooks, Treasurer

2022-2023 Seniors

Nicholas Borchelt
Lauren Dardeen
Annalise Folsom
Kyle Goldman
Chase Hunter
Amelia Robinson
Kelsey Spindler
Alex Wilder
Alizebeth Woehler

2022-2023 Juniors

Avery Adams
Gabby Baehl
Rhylanne Bittner
Kylee Bradfield
Kaeden Dardeen
Tori Dike
Scarlett Hopkins
Jeffrey Long
Neil Long
Zoey Maikranz
Tyler McFadden
Aaron Meny
Grace Neice
Halle Pohl
Olivia Redding
Cassie Reeves, Class Representative
Shelbi Roberts
Eva Spindler
Nathan Steurer
Luke Stroud
Katelyn Walker
Max Walker, Class Representative
Claire Wisnoski

2022-2023 Sophomores

Brielle Armstrong, Class Representative
Kamryn Burger
Macy Carter
Olivia Cox
Jonnie Dixon, Class Representative
Ava Greene
Ivory McCandless
Sawyer Mckimmy
Jenna Schleter
Allison Spindler