Brooke Berry – NEWSIES Senior Spotlight

What is your name? Brooke Berry

What is your cast role or crew position in Disney’s NEWSIES? Dancer

What is your favorite Disney’s NEWSIES quote, song or scene — and why? My favorite scene is King of New York because it’s such a fun scene all around. All the characters are so happy and on cloud nine because they’re on the front page of the newspaper. In King of New York I get to tap dance, also, and it is a blast!

How many Gibson Southern Theatre productions (including Disney’s NEWSIES) have you been a part of while in high school? 8

What is your favorite role, act, or show that you have been a part of in high school? My favorite role that I’ve had was the fox last year in Cinderella. It was a different experience for me and I really think it pushed me out of my comfort zone in a good way.

Do you have a favorite story from your time spent in theatre? This year I told Bledsoe that Josa and I came up with a great idea. The newcomers could be called NEWSIE NEWBIES! I didn’t know that Bledsoe was actually the one who came up with it, and then I was really embarrassed and felt bad for taking credit.

What are your plans after high school? I plan to attend college to major in nursing, with hopes of becoming a pediatric nurse practitioner. I also think I am going to minor in spanish.

What words of advice do you have for those thinking about joining Gibson Southern Theatre? If you’re thinking about joining theater, YOU TOTALLY SHOULD! You will regret not getting involved sooner because it truly is the best experience ever. Gibson Southern Theater is such a great family and you will NOT regret getting involved.