Splashes of Color Appear This Week in The Little Mermaid

This Week’s Author
Jake Decker

This week’s LITTLE MERMAID updates is written by junior Jake Decker. Jake is an ITS Member and is portraying the role of Prince Eric in this season’s production of DISNEY’S THE LITTLE MERMAID.

Lots of new scenes took the stage this week at rehearsal for DISNEY’S THE LITTLE MERMAID! We got to see new characters come to life such as the Maids and our one and only Chef Louis. Jonnie Dixon as Chef Louis accompanied with Malorie Scheller as his co-chef got to work on stage with their scenes for the first time and make us all laugh with the hilarious songs. Our maids also worked hard this week in one of the numbers they are a part of, “Beyond My Wildest Dreams”. The cast also had an exciting dance rehearsal this week! They all worked hard in the full cast dance number, “Under The Sea.” Bringing all aspects of the show in to one big number adds some great fun to this show.

At this week’s workday, a lot of amazing progress was made. The stage was full of set pieces being painted by our cast and parents. Pieces like Ursula’s lair, the sailors ship, and chefs kitchen were all brought to life this weekend. Back in the art room, under the sea coral and animals are all being painted and put together with hard work from everyone. Ava Bartley (Ursula) has loved working on the show these past couple weeks in a quote from her she said, ”We are moving quickly and making wonderful progress as usual. The show is really starting to pick up and get on its feet! I can’t wait to share this show with our audience!”

To put this show together it takes a lot of different parts. One of the most important pieces is the help received from Mrs. Russell and our school art department. Many hours, outside of workday and rehearsal hours, are put into painting and created pieces for the show. Multiple students even choose to give up their study halls and be a teachers assistant for Mrs. Russell during the school day. Every day during this time they work on different projects for the show. The schools art club also spends time helping in the creation of this large stage picture. All of these people have worked hard and created some beautiful set pieces that will all be showcased on the stage. Mrs. Russell added, “I love to work on all the different set pieces, props, and specific costume pieces for DISNEY’S THE LITTLE MERMAID. Teaching is one thing, but creating is a whole other joy. Also, I enjoy working with the cast members. Many of these students do not have the time to take an art class, so I would not otherwise see them.”

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