Let’s Take a Deep Dive into MAMMA MIA! Week Five

This Week’s Author
Brielle Armstrong

This week’s MAMMA MIA update is written by Junior Brielle Armstrong. This year, Brielle is a Junior Class Rep. for ITS Troupe #5623 and portrays the role of Donna in this season’s production of MAMMA MIA.

The GSHS cast of MAMMA MIA! has completed week 5 of set work,rehearsals, blocking and choreography!

On Saturday of this week, our amazing parents and cast spent 4 hours building and painting! One of the many projects they tackled that day were the windows you see in the pictures! They really made the set come to life, and gave the audience perspective, on the Taverna, where this show takes place. We also gave the Taverna some dashs of blue, which makes the Greek aesthetic of this show pop! Thanks to our parents, who spend their Saturday mornings at the theatre, cast members get to learn and then help build and paint the set they will soon be performing on!

On Tuesdays rehearsal a few of the group A members worked on one of the many emotional heartfelt scenes in this show. We got the chance to dive deeper into our characters and learn how to portray them in the best of their ability. Wednesdays rehearsal was spent working with Loni, our outstanding choreographer on the number “Under Attack”, which consists of Sophie having a nightmare and getting startled from it when she wakes. We also learned the number “Money, Money, Money” a scene where Donna sings about her dreams and plans if she wasn’t working the Taverna.

This year I get the lovely opportunity of portraying the role of Donna. She is a hardworking woman who has a lot on her plate, but first, she is a mother. She loves her daughter more than anything, and all she wants is for her to have endless happiness. Playing this role has been a serious learning point in all the years I have done theatre. Donna is emotional, yet stubborn – harsh, yet loving. Portraying all of those emotions on stage can be a challenge, but thanks to my help from Bledsoe and KP, I am learning more about my character everyday – how to do her complex personality justice! This show is one of my personal favorites and always has been! I am so incredibly excited to see where this exciting journey takes us!