Student Performs at Holiday World Over Summer Break

This past summer, Gibson Southern’s very own student, Jasmyne Milheiser, was the lead dancer for the show “Vinyl Daze” at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana. The show was about a group of friends trying to save their favorite place to hang out, known as the “Rec Room”, from closing down forever, they sang and danced many musical numbers, and by the end of the show they had the “Rec Room” saved and ready to reopen for the next generation to use as their hang out also. Milheiser said, “It was a really great experience, made me very mature as a performer, and opened my eyes to what the real work force is like for a performer.” After high school Milheiser plans to work for the Matt Davenport Production Company and move to Nashville, Tennessee to perform. Gibson Southern wishes her the best of luck and we are proud to have her here as a student and performer.