Alison Goedde to screen “Fluorescent”

SCREENING OF “FLUORESCENT” SET FOR JAN. 9 AT GIBSON SOUTHERN Gibson Southern alumnus Alison Goedde to screen her short film made in Haubstadt, Ind. FORT BRANCH, Ind. Dec. 10, 2015 — Haubstadt native, Alison Goedde, will be screening her short film titled “Fluorescent” in the Gibson Southern High School Auditorium on Saturday, Jan. 9 at 2 …

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Staff Spotlight: Sam Steinmetz


This week’s staff spotlight is on Legally Blonde co-director Sam Steinmetz.

I recently got to sit down with Sam and get some insight on how long he’s been here at the GSTD and everything he’s “gotten his hands on”. Our interview is as follows:

Sam, How long have you been a part of the GSHS Theater department?

Well, I have been a part of the GSTD for seven years total. Four years was spent while I was attending Gibson Southern High School and the past three years as an assistant of varying degrees. 

How many shows have you worked on and what kind of positions did you fill?

I’ve been involved with

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