International Thespian Society, Troupe #5623

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Thespian membership is granted for the demonstration of commitment to excellence in theatre arts that meet the International Thespian Society general guidelines. Specifically, students become members by earning points for their work. One point represents approximately ten hours of excellent work, with ten points required for membership.

2018-2019 Senior Officers

Kennedy Obermeier
Mayi Reyes
Matthew Merchant
Jenna Hornby
Dylan Coston
Bobbie Jo Allen

2018-2019 Seniors

Hailey Anderson
Brooke Berry
Logan Clark
Lindsey Field
Jacob Fireline
Alex Harper
Lauren Lingafelter
Olivia Shelby
Andrew Smith
Sarah Perkins
Eislin Tolley
Not Pictured: Elliot Chism and Madelyn Rowe

2018-2019 Juniors

Liz Angermeier
Devon Bullock
Jazlynn Cates
Junior Rep
Sydney Dixon
River Epperson
Andrea Garrett
Sydney Goedde
Mary Hall
Jarrett Klusmeier
Paige Motter
Megan Niehaus
Jewell Smiddy
Emily Spindler
Not Pictured: Sydney England, Wade Happe, Alexis Heichelbech, Kasey Julian, Kelsey McBride, Taylor Ort, and Aubrie Reid

2018-2019 Sophomores

Dylan Anderson
Kaitlyn Burns
Paige Collins
Sabrina Davis
Ella Kohl
Abagail Mast
Brittany Norman
Sophomore Rep
Maddie O’Neal
Jenna Stallsmith
Sata Störer
Sophomore Rep
Max Stoll
Alexandra Walker
Cole Walker
Not Pictured: Kendra Connor

Photos by Diamond Photography