Vaudeville Tonight is “Live in 3, 2, 1”

This Week’s Author
Jake Decker

This week’s update is written by Jake Decker. Jake is currently a senior, ITS President, and the Vaudeville 2022: Vaudeville Tonight student director.

After many weeks of individual group rehearsals, the full cast and crew of vaudeville came together this week for the first week of Act 1/Act 2 rehearsals. The cast and crew enjoyed finally getting to see the rest of the acts in the show. The Tech Crews brought the show to life with sound and lights. Our stage crews worked hard learning all the scene changes. This week is an important week for our run of the show as we put everything together in order and work out all those scene changes, quick changes, mic switches, and much more. 

The cast looks forward to this first week of Vaudeville rehearsals from the very beginning of the vaudeville rehearsal process. This is the first large cast event for the students involved in theatre. This creates an exciting and eager environment. This is the first time many of the vaudeville acts get to perform for an audience and in return, the first time the rest of the cast gets to see the full show. 

Tech and Stage crews go into this week with limited knowledge of the acts in the show. Our crew heads work hard to create a system through which our show can run efficiently and smoothly. The Tech crew works to add music, mics, and lighting to all the acts. The stage crew has the important job of moving and preparing the stage between each act and doing so as fast and flawlessly as possible. This first week they learn what needs to be done between each act and they work on perfecting these transitions. 

Senior and ITS Vice President Brooklyn Casburn has been involved in vaudeville since she was a freshman. Here is what she had to say about the first week of rehearsal: “The first week of rehearsals was a blast! We got lots of work done and will continue to improve until show weekend! The hard work and dedication of everyone in GSTD is incredible and we can not wait to perform for an audience!”