Staff Spotlight: John Spradley

Mr. John Spradley, a GSHS teacher, has decided to volunteer his time with our department this year by conducting the orchestra for our  upcoming production of Legally Blonde:The Musical. Spradley is not, however, new to the department. He began working with the GSTD in the 1980-1981 school year, while it was still under the jurisdiction of Kathy Parks. Recently he has played in the orchestra for various productions at Gibson Southern, including Wizard of Oz, Beauty and the Beast, and last year’s production of Footloose.

Throughout his years, Spradley has been a part of something near 35 productions, in various roles. He has conducted over a dozen productions, as well as spent his fair share of time in the pit as an orchestra member. Reaching back into his high school days, Spradley even acted as a member of the light crew a time or two.

When asked about his favorite part of working on Legally Blonde:The Musical, he had this to say: “The greatest pleasure in working with the GSTD is in seeing already considerable talent develop and grow and in experiencing the supportive atmosphere of the company.” It’s very apparent that the students have greatly enjoyed working with him as well.