Vaudeville 2015: Haunted Hotel




“At the end of last year, I asked for suggestions for this year’s Vaudeville.  Several students had been brainstorming already, and they pitched the idea of a group of graduates spending the weekend in a haunted hotel.  With so many possibilities, this was a theme that everyone was excited to tackle.

Looking for the perfect way to celebrate their college graduation, a group of friends decides on a getaway at the historic Sedgewick Hotel.  Excited at all of the nearby opportunities for entertainment in the area, they also are interested in investigating the haunted legends that surround the hotel.

Vaueville is such a melting pot of students with different talents, and this year is no different.  Where else do you find students from all aspects of the school work together to produce something great?  We had a wealth of new talent enter the program this year, and last year’s underclassmen were ready for the challenge of making this year’s show something everyone can be proud of.  I can not wait to see them all continue to grow this year and beyond.

The magic of fog, strobes, blacklights and sound effects can only go so far.  Behind all of that is a group of students who have worked three-plus month to perfect their talents.  Some of these students starting preparing last summer.  We hope the results of their hard work and dedication is visible tonight on stage.

We hope you overcame your fears at the Sedgewick Hotel tonight, and we hope you join us this March for Shrek the Musical.  Thank you again for supporting the arts and Gibson Southern Theatre.”

– Adam Bledsoe, Director