Shrek the Musical




‘What makes us speical makes us strong.’  What seems to be a simple love-story, brushed off by many, is actually a complex collections of feelings, emotions, and life lessons.  Through this process, we have learned that we are all different, but we should not be treated differently because of it.  Not only are we all different, but we are all awesome for it.

On the surface, we see a beautiful princess, a scary dragon, a would-be king, and an ugly ogre.  There’s more to the story, though.  Looking closer, we see they are all scared of being accepted.  Like many of us, they are just playing a role that is expected of them.  In their world, good things and happy endings only happen in fairytales.

We hope you get lost in the swamps, forests, and castles of Duloc with us tonight.  More importantly, we hope you realize that imperfect people can still have their own happy endings.  We are glad you chose to be a part of ours.

Thank you again for supporting the arts and Gibson Southern Theatre.”

– Adam Bledsoe, Director