Our Behind the “Seas” Crews Keep the Show Afloat

This Week’s Author
Breña Watts

This week’s LITTLE MERMAID updates is written by senior Breña Watts. Breña is an ITS Member and is portraying the role of a princess and dancers in this season’s production of DISNEY’S THE LITTLE MERMAID.

This past week, we continued with our Act 1 and Act 2 rehearsals. Our cast, crew, and orchestra have been working tirelessly to fine tune each scene before the upcoming show week. We have seen extreme progress and are so excited to see this show come together. 

We are so excited to finally have a full orchestra with us. Because of Covid 2019 we were unable to have a full orchestra since 2019’s production of Disney’s Newsies the Musical. The orchestra is made up of adults and students who volunteer their time to make our show alive. It is a huge time commitment for these individuals so we are extremely appreciative of their hard work and dedication! 

Another part of what makes our shows amazing is our crews! The crews are what makes our shows run so smooth and seamless. From light crew, stage crew, or mic runners they are what keep our shows running. We are so thankful to have our crews with us. Crews are so important and their work does not go unnoticed. 

We are so excited for this show and we hope you are too! Come see our production of the Little Mermaid March 11-13! You won’t want to miss it!