Olivia Shelby – NEWSIES Senior Spotlight

What is your name? Olivia Shelby

What is your cast role or crew position in Disney’s NEWSIES? Specs (Newsie)

What is your favorite Disney’s NEWSIES quote, song or scene — and why? My favorite song from Newsies is “The World will Know” because it perfectly displays the emotions the Newsies are feeling and the energy of that song is indescribable!

How many Gibson Southern Theatre productions (including Disney’s NEWSIES) have you been a part of while in high school? I have been apart of 6 GSTD productions. (Vaudeville 2015:Haunted Hotel, Vaudeville 2016: Deck the Halls, Vaudeville 2017: The Muppets, Cinderella, Vaudeville 2018: Under the Big Top, and Newsies)

What is your favorite role, act, or show that you have been a part of in high school? My absolute favorite role has to be my role as Specs in Newsies, something about this show is extra special to me!

Do you have a favorite story from your time spent in theatre? My favorite story from all my years in theatre has to be at the Cinderella cast party we all sat around and sang together and were just there supporting each other. Everyone encouraged someone to go up and share their individual talents with the family and in that moment it felt like a real family, that moment was the happiest I have been in a while!

What are your plans after high school? I plan to work and explore how the world works, find who I am in today’s society.

What words of advice do you have for those thinking about joining Gibson Southern Theatre? DO NOT THINK JUST DO IT! Joining GSTD was the absolute BEST thing I have ever done. When I started my theatre journey i was extremely quiet and had very bad anxiety, through the years I have grown to be confident in who I am and they are is a place you can feel loved and have an AMAZING family!

Do you have anything else to add? My freshman year you couldn’t have told me that I would still be in theatre, I absolutely hated it at first but once show week hit and i stepped on stage I feel in love, Theatre has changed me for the better!

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