MAMMA MIA Cast is Dancing the Weeks Away

This Week’s Author
Max Walker

This week’s MAMMA MIA update is written by Senior Max Walker. This year, Max is the Secretary for ITS Troupe #5623 and is a dancer in this season’s production of MAMMA MIA.

Week 4 is complete! Dancers are hard at work this week getting in formations, even adding and adjusting some we already knew. Most important this week was getting on stage. Being able to learn and adapt to the ways we need to act on stage is extremely important to the process. Many times it can take multiple rehearsals to pull off a dance and get comfortable in a new environment, but this week we were tuned in and focused. We got two dances on stage in one night and added to the high energy classic Voulez Vous.

Getting to this point has not been easy. The dancers started early on Saturday mornings where we learned the base of our dances in our school wrestling room. Learning the dances without knowing where you will be on stage is a challenge. When first learning, there is plenty of room to spread out and not worry about spacing. It ends up being crucial when on stage though. This week we were also able to get some main characters on stage to learn the choreography for the dances which was a great time.

This year I am a dancer, which is still a major challenge for me because I had didn’t start dancing until last year, but with help from friends and a lot of fake confidence, I welcome the challenge and can’t wait for my senior show!