ITS Banquet Celebrates Season 50, Senior Members, and New Inductees

This Week’s Author
Tali Maurer

This update is written by Sophomore Tali Maurer. This year, Tali is a Sophomore Class Representative for ITS Troupe #5623.

On Sunday, April 28, 2024 we held our annual ITS banquet. All ITS members and their families were invited to join. We celebrate the past year’s accomplishments like Vaudeville, the spring musical, and young playwrights. This year, it kicked off with a meal (this year catered by Carriage Inn) and was followed by an award ceremony. The award ceremony recognizes both cast and crew members for outstanding performances on stage and behind the scenes. New ITS members are inducted as well. A new set of officers is selected for each class for the following year as well as a new president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and this year because of such close votes a clerk was added too! A big part of the ITS banquet is our senior’s final curtain calls. Each senior gets to say their final goodbye to GSTD. It’s bittersweet but very neat to hear each student’s experience with the department and their passion for it!

2024 Current Members
Ryann Allen
Brielle Armstrong
Alyssa Baehl
Gabby Baehl
Rhylanne Bittner
Kylee Bradfield
Macy Carter
Olivia Cox
Sara Creek
Kaeden Dardeen
Tori Dike
Jonnie Dixon
Isaac Douglas
Presley Dunkel
Mykenna Frizzell
Kendal Gomez
Ava Greene
Hadassah Hutchinson
Kourtney Kitzinger
Madison LaCrosse
Jeffrey Long
Neil Long
Tricia Long
Zoey Maikranz
Oliver Martin
Tali Maurer
Tyler McFadden
Sawyer Mckimmy
Aaron Meny
Grace Neice
Selah Neice
Olivia Redding
Cassie Reeves
Kynlee Reeves
Madison Render
Shelbi Roberts
Jenna Schleter
Kenzie Shellhaas
Allison Spindler
Claire Spindler
Meredith Spear
Eva Spindler
Nathan Steurer
Luke Stroud
Sydney Susott
Josalyn Turner
Alexis Vaal
Noah Wagener
Katelyn Walker
Max Walker
Claire Wisnoski
Amelia Wolsiefer

2024 Inducted Members
Olivia Alston
Noah Beuligmann
Elliana Bittner
Dylan Bolton
Ashley Carr
Serenity Dodson
Talan Hanks
Naomi Hutchinson
Calissa Kelly
Ava Kyle
Jaxson Lambert
Isla Luhring
Ashley Martin
Erica Narruhn
Kayla Russler
Jacob Scheller
Hailey Smith
Lilly Smith
Landon Taylor

2024 Award Winners
Vaudeville 2023 – Outstanding Actress — Mykenna Frizzell
Vaudeville 2023 – Outstanding Actor — Jeffrey Long
Vaudeville 2023 – Outstanding Act — Men Are Idiots

Mamma Mia – Best Supporting Actor — Noah Wagener
Mamma Mia – Outstanding Lead Actor — Brielle Armstrong

Outstanding Sophomore — Mykenna Frizzell
Outstanding Junior — Brielle Armstrong
Outstanding Senior — Eva Spindler

Thespian of the Year — Cassie Reeves

ITS Officers & Reps
President — Jonnie Dixon
Vice-President — Brielle Armstrong
Secretary — Olivia Cox
Historian — Alyssa Baehl
Clerk — Noah Wagener
Junior Reps — Mykenna Frizzell & Sydney Susott & Oliva Alston
Sophomore Reps — Noah Beuligmann & Ashley Carr & Isla Luhring