Hitting the Stage for Big Numbers in Big Fish

This Week’s Author
Cassie Reeves

This week’s BIG FISH update is written by junior Cassie Reeves. Cassie is a Junior Class Representative for ITS Troupe 5623 and portraying the role of Jenny Hill in this season’s production of BIG FISH.

For week three, the cast of BIG FISH had a very full week, even with the snow day, and we finished with one of the hardest and fastest-paced scenes, “Ashton’s Favorite Son.” In this scene we see that the whole town of Ashton loves Edward Bloom and it showcases everything that he accomplished in his high school years. Another scene we this week this week was “Out There on the Road.” In this scene, Edward is leaving Ashton with his new friend, Karl the Giant. Aaron Meny, who plays Karl the giant has been working very hard on his stilt work. I was very impressed when we were working on this scene that he walked around so easily and stays caught up with everyone else, even though he is walking in stilts. I believe the audience will really enjoy “Out There on the Road” because it is all around a very fun song, and all of us are having so much fun on stage, which will project to the audience and make them have fun! I cannot wait for everyone to see this amazing show!

According to Junior and Sound Crew Head Eva Spindler, “I’m really excited to see the weekly scenes each Thursday. This week, I was impressed with their improvements and energy on stage. I can’t wait to see what next week brings!”

This amazing cast and crew has also been working hard on our weekly work days! It is so much fun to just work as a cast and see it all come together, and it makes everything more special when we are on stage and we see something that we may have painted or helped piece together. One of my favorite things about GSTD is that everyone is there, students and parents, working hard, and we all have something to do with the sets or costumes. I also love work days because I can truly see the cast all bonding, and when the cast has that special bond, that makes the show that much better.

We are continuing to work as a full cast on “Be the Hero”, which is the full cast number. We will perform this piece at half time of the Boys’ Varsity basketball game on February 10. We can’t wait for everyone too see what we have been working on!