Here We Go Again – It’s Musical Time with MAMMA MIA

This Week’s Author
Cassie Reeves

This week’s MAMMA MIA update is written by Senior Cassie Reeves. This year, Cassie is the President of ITS Troupe #5623 and portrays the role of Sophie in this season’s production of MAMMA MIA.

MAMMA MIA rehearsals are in full swing, and we are already so excited about this process. Last Thursday, the whole cast met for an entire read-through of the show, which is always a favorite day for the cast. The excitement is always high, and everyone gets so excited to see what everyone has been working on during winter break.

Monday was our first day of music rehearsals with our music director, Mr. Hutchinson. Learning all of the music is always a hard process, but it is essential, and can either make or break a show. Every week, we focus on three or four scenes to block, and after the music rehearsal, the actors in the scenes we’re blocking that week meet with KP for a first reading. This is always a huge part of the process because KP has so much knowledge, knows the best way to get the lines across, and knows how to make us sound clear and crisp. This week, our main focus has been on the word “get”. As people in the Midwest, we tend to say “git”, but since this show is based in Greece around 1999, we need to be sure we’re delivering our lines as if we are there in that time period. People never realize how many habits actors have to break to be able to put on a show correctly, but that is something that Gibson Southern Theatre takes very seriously. It always pays off very well in the end.

In this year’s production, I am playing the role of Sophie! This is the biggest role I have ever played, so it will definitely be a lot of hard work, but I am very excited. This week, my main focus was to really get in the brain of Sophie. When doing a show, you cannot just read through the lines as the character, but you have to react like the character and think like the character. This may seem easy, but it is very challenging. Developing my version of Sophie is still a work in progress, but I am having a great time doing it. I am so excited for everyone to see the finished product of this show! It will be a great one!