Elementary Students Travel “Under the Sea”

This Week’s Author
Malorie Scheller

This week’s LITTLE MERMAID updates is written by senior Malorie Scheller. Malorie is an ITS Member and is portraying the roles of a Seagull, Cook, & Dancer in this season’s production of DISNEY’S THE LITTLE MERMAID.

The cast of Disney’s The Little Mermaid had a very exciting rehearsal week! Monday and Tuesday were dedicated to running Act I and Act II for the very first time. Wednesday’s main focus was preparing for the K-2 teaser. Seven scenes were selected to be performed for students at the local district schools and Gibson Southern’s own life skills class. 

Many different parts of the department put in additional time and effort to prepare for the teaser. The costume ladies put in extra work to make sure the cast looked their best on stage for the teaser! Set builders worked hard to make sure all the sets were built and ready to be put onstage. And many student artists plus Gibson Southern’s art teacher, Mrs. Laura Russell, put finishing touches on sets, costumes and props. The orchestra also made an appearance at rehearsals throughout the week to practice with and without the cast. Without these talented people, our show would be incomplete! 

Finally, the day of the highly anticipated teaser arrived! After a lot of waiting and practicing, we were all ecstatic to show off some of our hard work! The energy was high while the kids were waiting in anticipation! The K-2 students were in awe of Ariel, scared of Ursula, laughing along with Chef Louis and finally dancing along to “Under the Sea” with the whole cast. The kids asked a lot of questions and were excited to get to know the cast members that introduced themselves after each scene. 

The performance on Friday went very well and we are all thrilled for March 11, 12 and 13 for the full show! Be sure to get tickets to experience the magical world of Disney’s The Little Mermaid.