ITS Heading to 2013 State Conference

This is your chance to see a cutting of Gibson Southern Theatre’s Legally Blonde: The Musical one more time!  Come support Gibson Southern Theatre’s I.T.S. Troupe as they travel to the Indiana Thespian 2013 State Conference at Vincennes University this Friday January 25, 2013 at 9:45 PM EST (8:45 PM CST – “Fort Branch time”).

This past December 2012, Gibson Southern Theatre’s I.T.S. Troupe competed at the annual regional competition in Brown County, Indiana with an adaptation of the newly released hit Legally Blonde: The Musical.

GSTD’s performance in December 2012 earned a second place and qualified for advancement … READ MORE

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Young Playwrights Project 2013 – Meet the Authors

Young Playwrights 2013 Authors

Of the four playwrights featured in last year’s first annual Young Playwrights Project, three remain at Gibson Southern and will again direct their own student-written plays.  These students include Christian Rowe, senior, and Jacob Sellers and Alexis Kiesel, juniors.  This year, plays were selected after a submission deadline was given for any students who wanted to submit a play to be considered for production.  These one-act plays will be somewhat shorter than those featured last year, with approximate running times of twenty minutes in comparison to last year’s thirty to forty minutes. It also works out nicely that each of … READ MORE

Alumni YouTube Covers

GSTD alumni Logan Lefler and Alison Goedde have teamed up to work on a YouTube project together.  Both being musicians and Alison being involved in film, this project has helped them them tremendously in bettering their skills.

Alison has been attending Watkins College of Art Design and Film, and she has been wanting to put her skills to use.  When Logan found this out, he proposed this wonderful idea.  Logan has been searching for popular songs that he and Alison could prepare.

Some of the songs they have performed on the videos include “Free Fallin” by Tom Petty and “I … READ MORE

Student Performs at Holiday World Over Summer Break

This past summer, Gibson Southern’s very own student, Jasmyne Milheiser, was the lead dancer for the show “Vinyl Daze” at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana. The show was about a group of friends trying to save their favorite place to hang out, known as the “Rec Room”, from closing down forever, they sang and danced many musical numbers, and by the end of the show they had the “Rec Room” saved and ready to reopen for the next generation to use as their hang out also. Milheiser said, “It was a really great experience, made me very mature as … READ MORE

Thespians Prepare for Regionals

Every year the International Thespian Society holds theatre performance competitions for high school students throughout the country. Schools in every state prepare a 30-minute cutting of a play or musical to perform for a committee of judges that grade them on acting, staging, and other categories. The competition begins at the regional level, then finalists advance on to state and even the national stage in Nebraska.

The Gibson Southern Theatre Department has been competing in the ITS competition for several years with much success, winning state in 2005 and 2008. And they’ve got high hopes for this year as well.… READ MORE

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Phantom of the Opera cast sees Billy Elliot

On November 18, 2012, the cast of Gibson Southern Theatre’s production of The Phantom of the Opera went on a short field trip to Indianapolis to see the award winning musical Billy Elliot. Thanks to theatre director Matt Hart, we were fortunate to get a “talk-back” with a few of the actors from the show. What a great time!

Here We Come!

Dancers performing "Holiday" by Green Day

It’s almost Vaudeville weekend, and it is perfectly normal to be nervous and tired, as the cast and crew are now. As we approach the weekend of show, the cast and crew are having to stay later and later during the week to make everything performance ready. For the past three weeks, all crew members have been here almost everyday, setting their cues and working on stage props to make sure everything is ready for show. For the past four weeks, the cast members have been here every week to work on tweaking some major aspects of their skits. It … READ MORE

My Vaudeville Experience

The cast of The Phantom of the Opera performing "Masquerade"

Vaudeville begins tomorrow and the cast is becoming anxious.  Preparing for Vaudeville is tedious, but the hard work always pays off.  This year, I am a part of four wonderful groups, and each one of the groups have been hard at work memorizing lines, choreographing, and nailing those high notes.  Of the four groups I am in, two involve several people.  The cast of The Phantom of the Opera-which will make way in March 2013- will be performing the musical number “Masquerade”.  In this number, the entire cast will portray party goers at a fabulous party at the opera … READ MORE

Vaudeville to feature A “Singing in the Rain” and “Umbrella” Performance

The third period theatre arts class at Gibson Southern is attempting something new to be featured at this year’s annual Vaudeville production. This act will be at the end of Act I right before intermission of Vaudeville 2012: Live!. The class has been working on a mash-up of “Singin’ in the Rain” and “Umbrella,” which is to be sung by Senior, Lauren Fuhs, and Junior, Kolten Turner, as well as some choral help from the rest of the class.  In addition to being sung, the song will have a choreographed routine with umbrellas and, believe it or not, rain.  Since … READ MORE

What to Expect in Vaudeville

Vaudeville 2012: GSTD Live! is just a week away and the Gibson Southern thespians are hard at work in rehearsals. So what can you expect from all this hard work?

Well this year’s Vaudeville will be set up around the “taping” of an episode of Saturday Night Live. Audience members will get to see everything during the show as well as lots of adventures behind the scenes too. It’s an exciting blend of music and comedy.

The show will include everyone’s favorite SNL classics (Spartan cheerleaders and Matt Foley both make appearances), as well as some modern favorites (Kristin Wiig … READ MORE

Phantom of the Opera Auditions Held, Cast List Posted

On September 12th, auditions were held for Gibson Southern Theatre Department’s upcoming spring production of The Phantom of the Opera.  The cattle call audition process was divided into three portions: singing, dancing, and acting.  Students wishing to audition did a short choreographed dance sequence to the song “Masquerade” , a cold reading of a scene, and sang either “Think of Me” or “All I Ask Of You,” all from the musical.  After making their way through all the stations, auditioners were sent home to await their results two days later.  On Friday, after fifth period, the cast list was … READ MORE

Vaudeville 2012: GSTD Live!

Vaudeville 2012: GSTD Live!

GSTD Live! serves as the theme for this year’s production. The audience will be transported to New York City to witness a night of entertainment which looks very similar to the legendary Saturday Night Live. Over 180 students will make up the cast and crew for the single, biggest event at GSHS. All of the singing, acting, and dancing will be sure to leave you tapping your foot, on the edge of your seat, or laughing yourself silly.

Last school year,the second semester theatre classes were given an amazing challenge. Theatre Director, Matt Hart, proposed a new assignment for the … READ MORE

2012 I.T.S. Banquet

Gibson Southern Theatre celebrated the end of a great season with their 2012 I.T.S. Banquet on April 29, 2012.  With nearly 160 people in attendance, it was great to see support for our graduating seniors and new inductees.

This year’s awards went to:

Vaudeville 2011: Back to the Future
Outstandting Female Performance: Natalie Bengert
Outstanding Male Performance: Ben Nathan

Outstanding Performance: Tyler Burr

Young Playwrights Project 2012
Aftermath Outstanding Performance: Kolten Turner
In Every Cloud Outstanding Performance: Sarah Ramp
All the Pieces Outstanding Performance: Allsion Goedde
Always Looking Back Outstanding Performance: Sidney Hirsch

Legally Blonde: The Musical
Ensemble Award: … READ MORE

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The Purduettes – April 15, 2012

Gibson Southern Theatre is excited to bring you Purdue Musical Organizations: The Purduettes on April 15, 2012. All tickets for this one-day performance are $10. This is a general admission performance. Tickets are limited, so purchase yours today from a Gibson Southern Theatre ITS Member or on our online ticketing site.

A little background and information, from The Purduettes website:

Celebrating music of all genres with a vast repertoire including pop, classical, contemporary, country, swing, patriotic, Broadway, gospel and jazz, this multi-talented troupe of women represents the brightest and best from a variety of majors and areas of study.