Big Fish Excitement Continues with Choreography, Sets, & Costumes

This Week’s Author
Brielle Armstrong

This week’s BIG FISH update is written by sophomore Brielle Armstrong. Brielle is a member of ITS Troupe 5623 and portraying the role of Josephine Bloom in this season’s production of BIG FISH.

Everyone in Gibson Southern Theatre’s production of BIG FISH has been working hard! Through work days, rehearsals, and lots of excitement, week 2 of BIG FISH has gone by very quickly! Everyone is changing and perfecting their characters. With Mrs. Kathy Parks (KP) helping each person feel confident in their roles and how to portray them. The students are extremely grateful for her help. Aaron Meny, a junior, who portrays Karl said, “I think working with the stilts will be a challenge for me for sure, but I am very excited to see how it all plays out! I think Karl is a very rewarding character, and I am very grateful to have been casted as this role.”

Week 2 has been full of blocking and line memorization! On our first work day, students got to working on costumes, dancing, and crafting to help decorate the fantastic set that parents and students are building. Our amazing art teacher, Laura Russell, helped students make homemade daffodils that will be seen on the proscenium opening. A 36-foot platform was built as a permanent set piece during the production. Junior Cassie Reeves, who portrays Jenny Hill said, “Saturday’s are one of my favorite days to attend! The cast really gets to bond with each other. We are all working for a common goal and see that come together is so exciting!”

Mondays rehearsal was full of choreography! Learning the BIG FISH staple, “The Alabama Stomp”. Our amazing choreographer, Loni Prater, worked with the cast to help them learn and perfect this dance! Tuesday, several scenes were blocked and put on stage for the first time. Seeing things on stage for the first time makes everything feel very real!

After another wonderful week the students are eager to continue week 3 of rehearsals. Everyone is so excited to witness the magic of this production! You can keep following the cast and crew adventures for the next eight weeks to witness the musical process and exciting behind- the- scenes events right, and more information regarding tickets for BIG FISH, running March 17-19, 2023, will be coming soon!