Big Fish Cast Hits the Court to “Be the Hero”

Kaleigh BaehlThis Week’s Author
Kaleigh Baehl

This week’s BIG FISH update is written by Senior Kaleigh Baehl. Kaleigh is the Secretary of ITS Troupe 5623 and portraying the role of the Witch in this season’s production of BIG FISH.

This week, Gibson Southern Theatre’s progress on their spring musical BIG FISH continued with a bang! The week started off the same as usual with work on different scenes in the show, but ended with a big teaser performance at the Boys Basketball basketball game.

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday were dedicated to blocking scenes and running lines. The cast members in these scenes work so hard to get their lines, movements, and interactions down pat before the whole show is put together in the coming weeks.

Our choreographer, Loni, has been working hard to help prepare our dancers for the many up-beat dance numbers in BIG FISH this year. Wednesday was revolved around choreography and preparations for Friday’s performance. Loni has sadly been sick all week which put some kinks in our plans, but we persevered and everyone worked together to make sure everything was set for our first performance.

When things don’t go as planned it can be nerve-wracking because it feels like we are behind, but it just makes it obvious how much everyone cares. When things get rough Gibson Southern Theatre comes together to work through problems because we are all reaching for same ultimate goal: A great show weekend!

On Friday the cast performed a halftime show at the Titans’ home basketball game. It was the full cast dance number, “Be The Hero” which was full of fun, fast-paced dancing and plenty of fish! It was amazing to see the show really starting to come together in front of an audience. Everyone is excited to see it again with sets and costumes on stage.

Everyone was is happy with the success of the week and our students are now striving for more and are ready to put in all the hours needed to make it happen.