Authors Tell Their Stories With Young Playwrights 2024

This Week’s Author
Sydney Susott

This update is written by Sophomore Sydney Susott. This year, Sydney is a Sophomore Class Representative for ITS Troupe #5623.

Beginning in January 2012, a new tradition was born to close each season.  Gibson Southern Theatre presented its first Young Playwrights Project.  Four students each wrote and directed their own ten-minute play. The Young Playwrights Project‘s mission is to facilitate the use of playwriting, encourage creative expression, improve literacy, and support its writers through student-driven acting, directing, and designing culminating in public performances. This year, Young Playwrights was presented in the Black Box Theatre on April 21, 2024

Senior Kaden Dardeen was inspired by a group of friends hanging out and the pranks got a little out of hand. Kaden’s play “The One-Sided Prank War: A Story of Revenge”, tells the story of how a single prank can test the foundation of friendship. 

Senior Olivia Redding was inspired by kidnapping movies she watched as a young child. Olivia’s play “Mission: Boss Daughter” tells the story of three agents on a mission to find the boss’s lost daughter. 

Sophomore Mykenna Frizzell was inspired by formal ghost stories and special effects. Mykenna’s play “Woods” tells the story of hikers uncovering a monster in the woods. 

Senior Luke Stroud was inspired by horror stories and films. Luke’s play, “The Momster,” tells the story of how an ordinary family uncovers the underlying, mysterious truth. 

Sophomore Ryann Allen, was inspired by her experiences with her friends. Ryann’s play “ The Average ADHD Friend Group” tells the story of how a simple game of Sorry uncovers secret emotions and sparks debate among friends.