ABBA-solutely Fabulous Week Three of MAMMA MIA Rehearsals!

This Week’s Author
Jonnie Dixon

This week’s MAMMA MIA update is written by Junior Jonnie Dixon. This year, Jonnie is a Junior Class Rep. for ITS Troupe #5623 and portrays the role of Bill Austin in this season’s production of MAMMA MIA.

Gibson Southern Theatre’s cast of MAMMA MIA is still working hard in week three!

Our Saturdays are one of the most productive days! The entire cast gets together and completes a series of important tasks! This week our amazing set builders continued constructing the set, and our cast is super eager to get in there and start painting the set next work day!

Monday’s rehearsal was heavily focused on vocals and perfecting the amazing songs you will hear in this musical. Our extremely talented vocal director, Mr. Hutchinson says, “I am really pumped up and everything is sounding so good! I’m having a great time teaching the music.” He will be playing in the orchestra pit along with other talented musicians. We are so lucky to have them, music truly makes the show come to life.  

The rest of the week was spent blocking and rehearsing the remainder of the scenes in Act I! The students are really showing true hard work and motivation through the process of this show! We give a huge thanks to the parents who help out every week!

In this years production, I am playing the role of Bill Austin! Over my many years in theatre I have had the honor to play the comedic relief character many times, and as some as you know BillI is kind of known as the carefree funny guy in this show, which I’m having a really fun time playing. One thing I have not had the experience to protray before, though, is an older character. This is really exciting, but it comes with its challenges. Getting to to work on my version of Bill’s character is a great opportunity, and I’m having so much fun with it!